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We develop and employ novel state-of-the-art technology at the interface of biophysics and immunology to investigate contentious biomedical research. The Biophysical Immunology (BPI) group led by Dr Marco Fritzsche is located within the MRC Human Immunology Unit (HIU) at the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine (WIMM) and the Kennedy Institute for Rheumatology (KIR) at the University of Oxford, UK. 

The BPI group works in close collaboration with the Nano-immunology-group of Professor Christian Eggeling located within the HIU and the Immunological-synapse-group of Professor Michael Dustin located at KIR.




Biophysical immunologists create and apply concepts and research aspects from different disciplines. Our team employs expertise from physics, cell-biology, and immunology.

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Biophysical immunology is pursued at the interface of biophysics and immunology by applying advanced biochemistry, genetics, and technologies. We develop and combine advanced state-of-the-art microscopy, applied mathematics, and advanced cell-biological techniques.