CalQuo2: Automated Fourier-space, population-level quantification of global intracellular calcium responses


To expand upon the capabilities of CalQuo to recognize and quantify calcium responses in individual cells within a sample up to 1000 cells, we have developed an updated version, CalQuo2. Using the Fourier transform to convert calcium responses into the frequency space, CalQuo2 now requires only one (instead of five) user-defined parameter in determining a triggering from a non-triggering cell. Additionally, CalQuo2 can determine the fraction of cells that have a single peaked compared to the fraction of cells that have multi-peak calcium fluxes.  

CalQuo2 is a MATLAB based software package developed at the University of Oxford. CalQuo is copyright protected and licensed with Isis Innovation. The new version employs Fourier-space analysis algorithm and is currently under review in a peer-reviewed journal.


Please contact for further information: marco.fritzsche (at)